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Major Seminary Ten Duinen Bruges

Major Seminary Ten Duinen holds 101 medieval manuscripts from the former abbeys of Ten Duinen and Ter Doest.

It also holds the archives of these abbeys, with an extensive charter collection, accounts and documents from the period ca. 1106–1830. In addition, the library preserves 324 incunabula, 746 post-incunabula and a large number of rare books. The Major Seminary is housed on the site and in the buildings of the former Ten Duinen Abbey, which was located here between 1627 and 1796. The book collections are therefore kept here in situ. Since 2015, the manuscripts of Ten Duinen, together with the Ten Duinen and Ter Doest collection in the Bruges Public Library, have been recognized by the Flemish Community as a ‘Flemish Masterpiece’.

The accessibility of the manuscripts of the Major Seminary is gaining momentum thanks to two projects that were honoured with subsidies from the Flemish Community: MMMonk digitizes the manuscripts—some of them for the first time ever—and makes them available in IIIF format; Medieval Manuscripts in Flemish Collections (Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken vzw) creates scholarly catalogue descriptions. For the active conservation of the medieval manuscripts of Ten Duinen and Ter Doest, the Major Seminary collaborates with the Book Heritage Lab of KULeuven.

The Major Seminary Ten Duinen is the diocesan home for the training and continuing education of priests, deacons, parish assistants and interested lay people. Thus, the Major Seminary still has both feet firmly planted in the religious intellectual world that was also experienced in the abbeys of Ten Duinen, Ter Doest, St Bavo’s and St Peter’s.

Major Seminary Ten Duinen Bruges

Potterierei 72
8000 Brugge
+32 50 33 03 62 of +32 50 33 59 05

Mmmonk team members

  • Céline Decottignies – archivist and curator of manuscripts
  • Stefaan Franco – librarian