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Mmmonk Learning Scenario: Hall of Fame

Mmmonk developed a learning scenario on the lay-out of medieval illuminated folios. Discover the art works created by students in primary school.

Learning Scenario at Art Academy Ter Beuken

Teacher Emma Mortier used the Mmmonk Learning Scenario at her school, Ter Beuken Art Academy. Emma Mortier: 'The children were interested in the provenance and the materials, and were exited to work with the images and texts.'

Your images in the Mmmonk Hall of Fame?

Are you using the Mmmonk Learning Scenario in your school? If you send us pictures of your activity and/or the children's art works, we will post them here!

Learning scenario

Detailed learning scenario for primary education on the lay-out of medieval books.

For teachers

Learning scenarios and workshops for students and teachers.

Virtual tours

Take a tour through the manuscripts and learn more about their authors, scribes, materials, readers and libraries.