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Learning scenario

Detailed learning scenario for primary education on the lay-out of medieval books.


  • digital images from 40 medieval manuscripts
  • teacher's manual (with Powerpoint presentation)
  • guidelines
  • 4 inspiring videos 'Medieval Manuscripts through Children's Eyes' (YouTube, English subtitles)

These materials are available for download here.

Videos Medieval Manuscripts through Children's Eyes

To motivate and encourage students to discuss medieval art, we have created four inspiring videos with Robbe (5), Elias (6), Maarten (8), Elin (10) and Berre (10). The children look at medieval pages filled with Latin and colourful drawings and share their thoughts. Their questions are answered by our in-house expert.

Options in English

The Mmmonk Learning Scenario is available in Dutch. For more detailed information, visit the Dutch version of this page.

For options in English, take a look at the educational resources made for the project The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages by Bruges Public Library, Leiden University Libraries, Hunt Museum, Europeana Foundation, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, and the national libraries of France, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. The resources include learning scenarios, games and videos.

An example of educational resources available at The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages

Learn more about manuscripts

Virtual tours

Take a tour through the manuscripts and learn more about their authors, scribes, materials, readers and libraries.

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