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Mmmonk unites the circa 820 medieval manuscripts from the Flemish abbeys of St Bavo, St Peter, Ten Duinen and Ter Doest. Discover an intellectual and artistic treasure trove, going back to as early as the 6th century!


Save the date for Mmmonk School 2024!

8 July 2024

Join us on 22 November, 29 November and 6 December for a new edition of Mmmonk School!

Liturgical Mmmonk Manuscripts Workshop

21 May 2024

On 17 May 2024 an international group of 25 experts gathered at Bruges Public Library for a hands-on workshop on liturgical manuscripts.

Mmmonk Manuscripts by Candlelight

19 March 2024

We are used to studying manuscripts in artificial light, powered by electricity. But that is not how medieval readers saw their manuscripts!

About abbeys and manuscripts

Mmmonk Highlights

A selection of highlights from the Mmmonk collection.

History of the collections

Read about the history and profile of the manuscripts and abbeys.

Virtual tours

Take a tour through the manuscripts and learn more about their authors, scribes, materials, readers and libraries.

Children discuss medieval manuscripts

Five children share their thoughts on six Medieval manuscripts. Can they make sense of a world of miniatures, gold, droleries, parchment and Latin?

Mmmonk School

Mmmonk School is a webinar series with basic introductions by experts on various aspects of the medieval book, e.g. heraldry, bookbindings, miniatures, dating formulas, reading culture...

IIIF Workshop

IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) facilitates the use of digital images in research, teaching and communication. Follow a step by step workshop which requires no technical knowledge.

Annotation demo on Liber Floridus

Discover our proof-of-concept for the visualisation of IIIF annotations on medieval manuscripts.

Contemporary Art Exhibition

Six artists created art pieces based on the Mmmonk manuscripts. Discover their art in the exhibition at Bruges Public Library from 1 December 2022 until 4 February 2023 or get a sneak peak on our website.

What is Mmmonk?

Mmmonk stands for Medieval Monastic Manuscripts – Open – Network – Knowledge. It is a collaborative project between Bruges Public Library, Ghent University Library, Major Seminary Ten Duinen in Bruges and Ghent Diocese. The project is funded by the Flemish Government (Department Culture, Youth and Media). Mmmonk unites the circa 820 extant medieval manuscripts from four important Flemish abbeys on a digital platform using the international IIIF protocol. Learn more about our goals, funding, corpus, methods and partners.