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About IIIF

Mmmonk is based on the technical innovation of IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework). Learn more about what IIIF is, how it can be useful in education, communication and research, and how we used IIIF for this project.

What is IIIF? A short introduction for anyone who doesn't speak IT.

IIIF is a game changer for libraries, museums and archives, but also for the general public. Students, educators and researchers can benefit immensely from IIIF, even without any understanding of the technical details. For those who do wish to gain a basic understanding of what IIIF is and how it works, we wrote a short and simple introduction.

Annotation Demo Showcasing the Liber Floridus

For Mmmonk, we have created a proof-of-concept for the presentation of annotations on complex materials (like books), based on IIIF. Explore the demo and the technical documentation.

Workshop IIIF in education, communication, research

IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) facilitates the use of digital images in research, teaching and communication. Follow a step by step workshop which requires no technical knowledge.

Create a virtual tour with our free online Exhibit tool

We have collaborated with Mnemoscene to create a user-friendly, free, online editing tool to create virtual tours or "guided viewings" specifically adapted for books. We expanded the existing tool to allow for the presentation of complex materials and the insertion of YouTube videos.

More about IIIF and Mmmonk


Reports, recommendations, manuals made by Mmmonk.


We have presented the project at conferences in Belgium and abroad. When available, the recordings or slideshows are gathered on this page.

About Mmmonk

Read about the project and consult documentation and presentations.