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Recommendations on the implementation of IIIF

We have gathered our findings and recommendations on the implementation and use of IIIF in special collections libraries in a report for GLAM institutions. This was done in the context of our project The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages, in collaboration with the other project partners (especially Leiden University Libraries, Manuscriptorium and Europeana Foundation).

Lay of the land IIIF annotations

As preparatory research for our project, we wrote a report on the state of IIIF annotation development and implementation.

Manual digitisation medieval manuscripts

Mmmonk digitised over 500 medieval manuscripts and created over 200.000 digital images. We did this in compliance with the Metamorfoze-standards and in concertation with the Council for Flemish Masterpieces (Topstukkenraad). We have gathered our processes and recommendations in a practical manual.

IIIF user survey

We have conducted user interviews to define current IIIF needs from a user's perspective. What needs to be done to facilitate the uptake of IIIF? What are the obstacles and opportunities? The results of this survey were used to define a strategy for the IT developments in stage 3 of the project.

Slideshow Mmmonk Workshop on IIIF

The workshop opens with a slideshow on the basic principles of IIIF.