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Diocese of Ghent

The Diocese of Ghent, the Ghent Episcopal Seminary and the Chapter of St Bavo’s have a rich, extensive library and archival collection, including eleven medieval manuscripts from the former Benedictine abbeys of St Peter and St Bavo.

The collection of the Episcopal Archives contains three manuscripts originating from St Peter’s Abbey. In addition, the collection contains the personal archives of the bishops of Ghent since 1800, files of each parish, monastic community and educational institution, and the acta episcopatus, which runs uninterrupted from 1588 to the present day. After the Concordat of 1801, a number of archival files and manuscripts from abolished monasteries and abbeys were donated to the diocese. All archives prior to 1800 were placed in the custody of the State Archives of Ghent around 1955. Some of the manuscripts were kept in the archives’ own collection.

The Chapter of St Bavo’s is the proud owner of eight manuscripts from St Bavo’s Abbey, including five manuscripts from the bibliophilic abbot Raphael de Mercatellis (ca. 1437–1508), the Evangeliary of St Livinus, and a death roll from 1406.

Diocese of Ghent

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Mmmonk team members

  • Ludo Collin – archivist of the Diocese of Ghent, Ghent Episcopal Seminary and Canon of the Chapter of St Bavo’s

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