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We have presented the project at conferences in Belgium and abroad. When available, the recordings or slideshows are gathered on this page.

Slideshow Mmmonk corpus, methods and results

Exhaustive slideshow on the corpus, methods and results. Presented during the final Mmmonk event at the Royal Library on 17 February.

Visualizing multi-layered annotations: the case of the Liber Floridus manuscript - 2023 IIIF Annual Conference (Naples)

Presentation at the Annual IIIF Conference (Naples) by Evelien Hauwaerts (Bruges Public Library) on 8 June 2023. Focus on the Liber Floridus annotation demo and the Mmmonk IIIF Workshop. Presentation starts at 41:06.

Mmmonk: Agile IIIF for Small Heritage Institutions - 2021 IIIF Annual Conference

Presentation at the Annual IIIF Conference (online) by Katrien Deroo, Sofie Veramme and Evelien Hauwaerts (Bruges Public Library) on 24 June 2021. Focus on the implementation of IIIF at small institutions, such as Bruges Public Library, Ghent Diocese and Major Seminar Ten Duinen Bruges.

Connecting Medieval Monastic Manuscripts: metadata aggregation using IIIF manifests - 2022 Royal Library Belgium

Presentation at the Linked Data and International Standards for Cultural Heritage conference at the Royal Library on 14 September 2022 by Evelien Hauwaerts and Sofie Veramme. Focus on aggregation of metadata from IIIF manifests.

Mmmonk - Crossing institutional boundaries with IIIF - 2019 IIIF Annual Conference

Lightning talk at the 2019 IIIF Annual Conference (Göttingen) by Dries Moreels (Ghent University Library) in June 2021. Focus on the introduction of the project.

IIIF Annotations - IIIF Fridays (online)

Presentation on IIIF annotations at the fifth IIIF Friday, by Katrien Deroo (Bruges Public Library).

IIIF Fridays are sessions of 60 to 90 minutes where IIIF experts in Flanders share knowledge, expertise, recommendations, demonstrations etc. on IIIF. IIIF Fridays is organised by Vlaamse Kunstcollectie, Bruges Public Library, Ghent University, and meemoo.

Podcast episode on Mmmonk

Project members July Van Malderen and Katrien Deroo were invited to speak on the City of Bruges' podcast show.

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