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Mmmonk Day on Manuscripts and IIIF: Programme and registration

20 December 2022

On 17 February 2023 Mmmonk will host a day on Manuscripts and IIIF at the Royal Library in Brussels.


10-12am Mmmonk Final Report (language morning programme = Dutch)

  • Presentation of a selection of Mmmonk manuscripts at the KBR
  • Final reporting on Mmmonk, with among others:
    • IIIF user survey
    • work processes and standards (condition reporting, digitization, meta data enrichment...)
    • IIIF innovation and experiment: IIIF catalogue, IIIF annotation demo Liber Floridus
    • public outreach and education: Mmmonk School, Video series 'Medieval Manuscripts through Children's Eyes', Mmmonk Learning Scenario, Exhibition 'Mmmonk Inspires', Mmmonk IIIF Workshop
    • impact and future avenues

12 - 1.00pm Lunch

1-4.30pm IIIF Friday

  • 1.30 - 2.00pm Edward Silverton (Mnemoscene) Virtual tours with medieval manuscripts: Exhibit tool for guided viewings
  • 2.00 - 2.30pm Xavier Fresquet (Sorbonne Centre for Artificial Intelligence) Illumination Detection in Medieval Manuscripts: Statistical learning strategies on IIIF image corpora for medieval musical iconography

2.30 - 3.00pm Break

Practical information

Attendance is free, but registration is mandatory via the registration button below. You can sign up separately for the morning programme, lunch, and the afternoon programme.

The event will take place at the Panorama Room at the Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels (how to get there).